Monday, February 27, 2006

New York Liberal Blog Update

Here's an update from the poll on the 24th District Democratic candidates available at New York Liberal.

Mike Arcuri - 1 (4%)
Leon Koziol - 1 (4%)
Les Roberts - 7 (28%)
Bruce Tytler - 16 (64%)

Take this poll with a grain of salt, of course. It's a self-selected poll, first of all, which means that it doesn't offer a representative sample of our district's Democratic voters. Second of all, someone has noted that it's possible for someone to register, vote, log out, register a second identity, and vote again.

Still, if someone is willing to go through that trouble just to vote in favor of their candidate, it's got to be indicative of some kind of strength in voter support for a candidate. Until the next financial filing report, it may be the best sign we can get of what kind of sentiment is truly at work in District 24.

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Anonymous said...

what about the other poll, no update on that?