Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Les Roberts campaign blog back on its feet

After a little pause in activity, the Les Roberts campaign blog looks like it's back on its feet. Yesterday, campaign volunteer Cathy Silber wrote with passion and poetry for the blog, about the recent visit of Les Roberts to Clinton.

"When everyone had loaded up on Margie’s cardamom bread and Mary’s quiche and Kathy’s foccacia, and Cathy’s sushi—to name a few, Les spoke for about 10 minutes, and then the interview began in earnest. For about an hour Les took one tough question after another on all the subjects that matter. With honesty and insight and commitment so rare in politicians these days and so central to who Les is as a person, Les showed us, one answer at a time, just how much those issues matter to him, and just how much he can give to make the 24th District all that it can be and should be. Wow, great answer, went the buzz in the room, again, and again.

A living room here, a kitchen there, one by one and ten by ten, people meet Les and then know it for themselves: he’s the genuine article, an honorable man. People meet Les and know it in their bones: this is it, Les is the one. People who would never dream of putting a bumper sticker on their car take a sticker. People who have never contributed to a political campaign in their lives open their checkbooks. Everyone wants to volunteer on the campaign."

I'd like to hear more from this volunteer. I wonder, however - is Cathy referring to her own sushi in that first sentence? Is that ethical? I don't think we need to trouble ourselves about it. It is no grave matter. The informal blog format may allow a writer's identity to fairly tumble around in the a freedom.

Are you hearing this kind of testimonial for any of the other candidates?


Anonymous said...

A campaign worker's gushing (and kind of icky) report on her candidate's brunch menu ain't no testimonial.

Anonymous said...

It's a fine testimonial, it's just not your kind of testosterone testimonial aronymous.

Anonymous said...

Testosterone testimonial--cool.
The quiche and bread and everybody loves Les gushing is still shit.

CLS said...

Thanks, John (is that right?), for saving me from my baser nature by not posting my importune comment yesterday (in the event that I actually managed to send it!). I'm very new to the blogging world, but I did start one of my own

http://onefifteenth.blogspot.com/--I had a couple of old peeves I wanted to file, and may continue to use it to bash Boehlert, if necessary.

You're doing a terrific job with this blog, thank you.

As for the sushi, yes, I made it. Didn't realize my name would go on the post. Needless to say, please don't post this message.


Anonymous said...

12:16 AM - Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Don't destroy Bruce's reputation as well as his campaign.