Monday, February 06, 2006

Les Roberts Campaign Adds a Subsidiary Blog

In an expansion of its domination of the online campaign space, the Les Roberts for Congress campaign has added another resource to its web presence. Over the weekend, Josh Lozman, the campaign manager for Les Roberts, started his own blog, chronicling his own thoughts on campaign issues and the process he's going through working with the candidate and local Democratic activists.

It's called On the Trail With Les Roberts, and it promises to be an interesting combination of personal reflections, political analysis, and professional insights into the working of a congressional campaign.

I'd like to see this kind of outreach from the other campaigns. Voters need as much information about their congressional candidates as possible, and giving us an insight into the kind of people who would be on their congressional staffs is a bonus. If Sherwood Boehlert would give us this kind of way to get in touch with his own staff, maybe the people of the 24th District wouldn't feel so distant from their own representative in Washington D.C.

Good idea, Josh - and thanks for the link back to Take Back New York's 24th.

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