Sunday, January 22, 2006

Testimonial for Les Roberts

I found this comment over at Daily Kos - a megablog, the size of which elicits some distrust in the reptilian corners of my brain. Still I thought it was worth sharing here, as a sincere grassroots endorsement of one of the Democratic candidates, a pretty good indication of the character of Les Roberts.

Dear friends,

I wanted to make everyone aware of a truly amazing man who is running for Congress in 2006 in NY state and who needs all the support he can get. Les Roberts was the most inspirational professor I've ever had (at the Hopkins school of public health). He has worked in every major humanitarian relief effort in past few decades, from the war in Congo to the Rwandan genocide. Most recently, he published a defying article in the journal The Lancet, where he went to Iraq and used scientific methods to estimate civilian mortality - something this administration has claimed is "impossible" to be done.

In order to have access to serious campaign funds he needs to raise $100,000, so I'd like to call on you to read a little more about him (see links below), spread the word, and help out, if you can.

Campaign website

Interview on Democracy Now

Summary of Lancet article (with links to full text)

Many thanks!

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