Friday, January 27, 2006

Am I a Secret Agent Working for the Les Roberts Campaign?

This morning, Take Back New York's 24th received the following comment on the recent article entitled, Should Our Congressman Be A Regular Guy?:

"If this is a Les Roberts for Congress Blog, be honest. And if you think somebody like Roberts who wants to talk about Rwanda and international health but doesn't seem to have a clue about the bread and butter issues here in the district can win, you are dreaming."

Well, that was friendly. If direct communication is what's being called for, then let me deal with this issue directly.

No, this is not a Les Roberts for Congress blog.

No, I am not working for the Les Roberts for Congress campaign.

Who am I? I'm just a guy. I'm just a regular Democrat who doesn't want Sherwood Boehlert representing me in Congress any more. My name is Jonathan Cook. I live in Trumansburg with my wife and two kids.

I work for myself. I am not employed by any of the candidates in the 24th District, or compensated in any way by any of them.

The goal of this blog was very clearly stated in the introductory post here:

"This blog is dedicated to the effort to take back New York State's 24th Congressional District from the Republicans, who have neglected our part of central New York State for too long."

So, let me stop talking about myself, because that's not what this blog is about. This blog is about news of the 24th District congressional campaign, and discussions of how to best get a Democrat in the House of Representatives, and get Sherwood Boehlert looking for a new job in December, 2006.

It is understandable that people are now coming here, and dropping anonymous messages trying to take Les Roberts down. After all, Les Roberts has in the last weeks become the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, and the campaigns and supporters of the other candidates know that they have to take Roberts down. That's how politics is played.

Let us consider for a moment why Les Roberts has become the frontrunner in this campaign. It's because he and his campaign have worked harder and with more discipline than anyone else.

While the other campaigns are still trying to draft their candidates' announcement speeches, Les Roberts made his own announcement speech weeks ago. He's got an active campaign headquarters, an excellent staff, a successful fundraising effort, a campaign web site, a solid platform communicated to voters, and is touring the region meeting with voters. None of the other candidates are anything close to this level of accomplishment.

Do a Google search for "Les Roberts for Congress". You'll get 63 results - and that doesn't include this blog.
Do a Google search for "Mike Arcuri for Congress" or "Michael Arcuri for Congress". You'll get zero results.
Do a Google search for "Bruce Tytler for Congress". You'll get zero results.
Do a Google search for "Leon Koziol for Congress". You'll get zero results.

Get the picture?

We Democrats need a nominee who can deliver results. So far, only Les Roberts is delivering any real results.

That's why I write articles supporting Les Roberts, and why I write articles criticizing the other Democrats' difficulties in getting off their behinds and getting to work. I've been around for a few congressional elections, and I've seen the way many Democrats try to campaign through private meetings with "well placed" Democrats. I'm suspicious of campaigns that are not open.

So far, Les Roberts is the candidate who has been running the most energetic and most open campaign. So, yes, I have good things to say about the Les Roberts for Congress effort.

Let me issue an open invitation to the other campaigns. Get in touch with me. Build a web site. Send me a campaign letter. Do something more than popping a generic campaign advertisement on cable television. Give me something good to write about your campaigns, and I'll write it. Honest.

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